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Discussion in 'Oakley Events' started by Rotorhead, 2/24/16.

  1. Rotorhead

    Rotorhead Premium Member

    My local vault store manager just returned from the managers convention in SoCal. He had a handful of nice tokens, including a pair of chainlinks. What I thought was interesting was that he said 5 managers out of like 300, who led in certain categories like sales volume, etc all got the diamond red face minute machines! :twitch:

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  2. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    They couldn't give ALL 300 of them a RDMM now........ or could they? :twitch:

    Rotorhead likes this.

  3. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    They couldn't sell the entire production run at $4K retail. They did not discount them/ allow discount coupons to be used on them during the holidays and they were DOA. My local store called a couple weeks ago and offered me theirs at a 25% discount- still not quite the 50% that I look for on Oakley watches.
    I guess giving them away as spiffs instead of discounting them makes sense...

  4. Barricade


    25% off almost makes them tempting...

  5. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Balla. :)

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