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  1. THE X-MAN

    THE X-MAN Forum Sponsor Gold Forum Sponsor Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    will the foam from a 2 pc Juliet box fit in a mars box.i just bought a mint bars box but the foam is toast.and did the craters have a different box then a regular mars or was it only the serial number?
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  2. pjd1234

    pjd1234 X METAL NERD

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    The foam should fit they have thesame size. I have a mars craters that says MARS CRATERS in the box matches with serials.
  3. discostu

    discostu Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    From what I remember seeing as I don't own a box for my craters, the box is the same except for the 'Frame' description in the box end label. On the regular mars it states 'x metal' whereas on the crater it states 'crater'
    I think ...... :)
  4. CarGuy

    CarGuy Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Yes the foam will fit just fine.
    Craters boxes say "Craters" on the label but the box is the same with the distinctive Mars sleeve wrap.