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Mars C-Clip Removal - Needle Pliers Question


Oakley Expert
I asked Oakley Japan to switch my Mars lenses for me I hate the job so much. They refused with these words:

"Our repair person cannot comply with your request as we can not make any compensation for this Mars XMetal in case we break/damage any part of it. We have no spare parts nor no finished goods."

Right, I'll have to do it! I know there are other threads on Mars lens removal and some YouTube vids (have read and seen them all). But I have some detailed questions for Mars experts out there:

  • What is the best shape of needle pliers for the job?
  • Any specific brand?
  • Any that come padded (perhaps for jewelry) to avoid damage to metal?
  • Any tips on avoiding such damage?
  • What's the name of the tape that won't damage lenses, but adheres to them? (@InfiniteHero uses when sending out R1 cuts to show direction)
So many questions!
Hopefully, some good answers :)

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Font of Useless Knowledge
Austin, TX
First off, pliers are not the best tool for removing the clips - a graduated set of quality micro flathead drivers are. You start with the smallest tip, wedge it in, twist to expand, then slowly repeat / work your way up through larger tips until you're able to remove the clip (or, if OEM clip, it breaks on you, about a 50/50 chance regardless of method).

The pliers come into play when tightening the clips after installing the new lenses. And no, the brand doesn't really matter, as long as they aren't total sh!t. Micro pliers work better than normal size needlenose, but they aren't a must-have. Standard shape, micro or otherwise. And if you're worried about marring, wrap the tips in some scotch or electrical tape first.

It's a pain in the @ss compared to other x-metals but anybody can do it.

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