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Mars Crater Auction on EBay $1100


Oakley Crackhead
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Yes... and during that same period R1's were $400-$500 and Penny's were $400 and XX were $300... Days gone by and gone... as these pieces sink into collections not to resurface and people customize and change them and switch arms and polish the originals become more and more scarce ... Not to mention the market changes with the freedom to sell something online and not be taxed taken away has slowed availability to a crawl... I am pretty confident that you will not see a retreat of prices

Soon there will be a fire sale and the prices will be cut in half. People won’t be able to afford luxury items as the worlds economy goes to hell. Food prices and interests rates and electricity is skyrocketing right now and it’s only gonna get worse. Now is the time to sell…..
I will be trading R1’s for bullets and arrows! Maybe… na, I’ll just hide behind trees and throw rocks while I wear my R1 and maybe by then a Medusa