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Mars help


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I have to use offset t-shox to accommodate the unique shape of my skull (deformed head) in order for sunglasses to fit me correctly. However, I have a stubborn pair of Mars that is giving me a problem. The right arm does not recess properly into the frame when the t-shox is removed. It pretty much won't move past the spot where it is with the shox in. From what I can tell, it looks like the a part of the war stem is cut slightly off and catching on an inner structure on the inside of the hinge itself. My pics suck, but let me know if anyone else has had this problem. I need this hinge to function properly so they fit correctly with the offset t-shox 25 on the right and 15 on the left.


Last two pics shows the left side which is functioning properly with no t-shox in.
You could release tension on the bolt ear stems would be free to move depending on what washers were used. Stem could be slightly bent or the hole was slightly off when casted and incorrectly smoothed. As a simple step you can see if another arm from another Juliet fits better in place.
I wonder if you could torque it slightly to line up better. The whole earstem changing the angle where it mounts to the hinge. Carefully...
I wouldn't know how to do that.

Is it catching on the top or the bottom of the orbital hole?

Close the earstem most of the way, so the jet intake is sticking out. With one hand, get a good grip on the orbital. With your other hand, grasp the earstem so your fingers are under the stem part and your thumb is over the jet intake part. Then gently try to twist the earstem by rotating your wrist forward, pushing down on the jet intake with the thumb and pushing up on the earstem with your fingers (which hand you're using depends on in which direction you're trying to adjust it).

Use brief pushes of increasing force, the goal being to nudge it just a little, bending at the hinge, without bending too much, making the earstem crooked, or snapping the hinge. That's the careful part...
Those are problems with the early X metals the only thing I would do is I would try to blend a little bit of the pocket so it's a little bigger with a small dremel tool then refinish it with an X metal blast if it bothers you
That's looks like an issue with the casting, and not really something you could bend to make fit, you will have to file or grind it down to make it work.