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Mars Orbital Clips - A Total Mystery


Oakley Beginner
I have my mars and the C rings but have NO idea how to put them back so I use this ( I dont know the name in English) but is a tinny pice of moldeable wire I just twisted untin make the Frame keep the lens and cut , the point part to the side , Is waht I do



Something Clever
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Mars has no rubber o ring
He’s referring to this:
First of all, Mars C-rings is not the same as industrial

Industrial rings can be installed and removed with special tool for that and can be reused several times

Mars C-rings
You have to expand or squeeze these to fit

View attachment 907189

Industrial C-rings
Comes in a lot of different shapes
You can use a special tool to remove or install it

View attachment 907200

If you have just one Mars and like to change lenses back and forth you can use rubber o-ring like these
but have to pick a tight one/ diameter. (this is industrial not the ring's you're thinking about)

View attachment 907201
@Scarface what inner diameter o ring do you use?


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