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Oakley Hunter
I am vonsidering adding a Mars to my collection. I've never handled a pair, let alone seen one. How is the build and fit comfort, as I do like to wear my small collection. As far as replacement pieces, rubbers, gaskets, etc...are they easy to obtain. I think I have noticed on ebay that they use a c gasket of some sort? And, last but, not least, is a T6 driver the tool to use to replace lenses if need be?

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El Zach
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Sunny San Diego
I had a pair of craters for years. Never wore them as they're small as far as fitment. I'd say 15 shocks in a mars fits like a 50 in a juliet straight stem from my experience. Also no t6 screw to replace lenses. They used a c clip to hold the orbital tight.


Connoisseur of Grails
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They're a bit on the smaller side. Usually have size 25 t-shox and fit it is really tight almost uncomfortable, but would probably stay glued on a roller coaster ride (I don't recommend trying though). Build is definitely solid, like all X-Metals Definitely a unique look also. Does use a T-6 driver. I've not tangled with the c clips on the orbitals, but as I understand, they're not fun. There's a pic here of me and my son wearing my pair in this thread.


Hope this helps.


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Mars are my favorite frame I think. Wear one almost every day. The c clips are a bitch. Order some spares if you get a Mars. Even if you don't mess with the lenses, I've had original C clips pop off the frame just sitting on the shelf. Line gear makes a good X metal colored replacement. I got a ten pack. But I have 5 Mars too.

I say do it. You'll love them.


Keeper of the Skull
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Kansas City Baby!
Get one! Get it now! lol, jk, but seriously, one of my favorite pairs is my daily beater Mars Crater. It has aftermarket lenses (Linegear polarized red mirror lenses) because it is a beater and I'd never forgive myself for scratching an OEM lens (maybe a custom cut but with the untimely passing of the Big Taco- RIP we hardly knew thee- I'll just stick with the Linegear in that pair). Linegear makes all replacement parts needed for the Mars. You DO need a T6 if you plan on changing the earstem washers but otherwise its those damn c-clips (a ROYAL PITA) for the lenses. The Mars are small, decent coverage, but small! I have to wear a 15 T-shock or they will not fit on my face. They seriously rock though, I've never worn them and not had somebody comment. My wife hates them, think I look "silly" so for that reason alone I make them a core part of my rotation ;)

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