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Discussion in 'DIY/Modding Discussion' started by BriP, 10/13/11.

  1. BriP


    Hey Guys! so this is a build post, of something that I've wanted to do for a long time, recreate the Wire SubZero from the original Oakley Ads, circa 1991/1992.

    (Oakley Wire SubZero Ad)

    Now, Courtesy of Dann Thombs (Creator of www.O-review.com), I have the Original Patent Diagrams to work from.

    (Original Diagrams)
    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - ca9c080b-9321-3007.jpg
    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - ca9c080b-9333-e7a0.jpg

    Notice parts are an interesting assortment - arms are from a Gen1 Mframe!

    This is a list of parts I need, If you have some, please contact me..
    1x Positive Red Lenses
    1x ANY scratched up Mframe lens (not ballistic), with the hook/tabs intact
    1x Zero or Mframe Nose Piece.

    A big thank you to Rustpot, who has kindly donated the following:
    1x Mframe Nosepiece (stand-in till i have a zero nosepiece, they are close but not exact)
    3x Used Mframe Lenses (1 with good lens but broken catch, and two ballistic lenses scratched-up for practice)

    The Following has been purchased:
    1x Pair of Gen1 Mframe stems (from monster_beetle, aka Cult89)
    1x Gen2 Zero 0.4 with damaged lenses.. will be donor for the frame hinges. (from dcl10)

    Here is the Current Progress! Wire frame (almost) complete!
    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - dcff012a-c44e-9a5a.jpg

    and the frame done
    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - uvaqedy2.jpg

    with a 0.4 lens for a test fit
    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - ahaje7um.jpg

    colormatched hinges
    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - 3adapara.jpg

    First Mockup
    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - e6aqy6y6.jpg

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  2. BriP


    ok im actually sketching up the frame outline, and gonna pick up some wire this week to make a prototype of the wire parts. anyone got a broken old zero/subzero to donate some arm assemblies? i know theyre notorious for snapping rigjt in the middle of the lens so surely there are some out there?

  3. Rustpot


    What is this wire Zero you speak of? Never heard of it.

  4. brewc


  5. tarheel7734


    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - fear1.png
    I have it saved in 1920x1080 on my pc from the vid if you need it.

  6. Patient_Cero


    I believe that was the first in the original promo for the Zero line. This was a follow-up ad.

    Session 1242 - YouTube

  7. BriP


    what are you saying? the subzero in that ad IS a wire framed Sub-zero. it was the prototype that never made it to production. look closer at 0:49 when the light hits the subzero, the nosebridge assembly and the orbitals are all wire.

    yes, please send me a hi res copy! ill pm you my email ad.

    the first ad was before the subzero was released. the second was after the subzero era, and the gen1 Zero 0.3 stars in that one. remember that the subzeros were only made in 1992, and by 1993, the zero line had taken over.

    uodates- i have sketched a build diagram for the wire parts, and will copy orbital shapes from the subzero #2n (as this was the closest shape to the wireSubzero in the ad). I also plan to incorporate the ability to unclip the earstems where it meets the lens, like in the ad (Max is shown assembling the subzero). actually, the lock mechanism is already built into the SubZero and Zero arms - the tips of the lens that are covered by the earstem actually have a serration to them. this is because that held the lens in place (think like a radar) while there was a pin at the tip of the earstem (right on the eyebrow, look at the vid above, you'll see it) to secure it in place. however, that removable earstem idea must have been scrapped (prone to breaking maybe?) and lenses were just glued to the earstems, but the serrations remained. i will upload development photos, and even write a build tutorial so everyone can try their hand at it, given the opportunity.

  8. brewc


    It was discussed on o-review years back and from what was explained by a High up person at Oakley that it was a prototype to the Sub Zero 0.3N with basically the frosted part cut off except where connected to the ear stems.

  9. BriP


    hey Brewc, thanks for sharing that info. but i think you must have got it confused.

    first off, the SubZero #3n and the 0.3 are different frames. for what you are saying, i think the issue you have in mind is the progression from the subzero #2 and #3 to the #2n and #3n, where the the frosted part of the lens was removed, except at the nosebridge and earstems. true enough, the subzero
    #2n and #3n are the closest in design out of all the production subzeros to the original wire subzero prototype.

    secondly, this is an article directly from o-review - http://www.o-review.com/images/Articles/Zero.pdf

    whih clearly states the frame in question is a wire subzero. Also, if you look at the nosebridge, you will see the way the material is attached is how wire is worked with- features that would not be present in plastic-only frames.

    cheers! :)

  10. BriP


    Max Fearlight Wire Sub Zero - CUSTOM BUILD! - ca9c080b-3335-4dc3.jpg

    sketches in the works! will get some wire for the frame tomorrow. still looking for subzero arms or just a broken subzero for donor arms/lens attachment point. if anyone sees one around please let me know

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