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  1. TheWannaBe

    TheWannaBe Jannard fan club member #1 Premium Member

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    So I did some looking but haven't found any postings on this yet... If there are please link them and I'll lock this thread.

    The purpose of this thread is to have people that have/do own a medusa share what they do or have done to preserve the integrity of the piece.
    Is there a shine that can be used? A leather oil or greese that works best? Waterproofing and fraying repair?

    Anyway you get the point :)

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  2. mercbezerk

    mercbezerk Unicorn Chaser Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Here's what I use on mine. It helps keep the leather from drying out and doesn't leave an oily residue nor does it discolour the leather in any way. Same stuff I use on my couches.
    Medusa Care - chelsea-leather-food-2.jpg
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  3. mopiko

    mopiko Oakley Collector

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    ORDERED! hah
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