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Medusa, penny, romeo genuine?

Medusa, romeo, penny genuine?

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  • Penny genuine?

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  • Romeo genuine?

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  • Medusa genuine?

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Hello friends. I am in the task of making my personal collection, I am a beginner in front of most of you. I mean I have lenses among them a jellyfish helmet with metal accessories, I have no doubt that it is original, also some glasses of penny without a series, glasses romeo 1 with these products that I present doubts. Thank you for your attention and help





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Hola amigos. Estoy en la tarea de hacer mi colección personal, soy un principiante frente a la mayoría de ustedes. Quiero decir que tengo lentes entre ellos un casco medusa con accesorios de metal, no tengo dudas de que es original, también unas gafas de penique sin serie, unas gafas romeo 1 con estos productos que presento dudas. Gracias por su atención y ayuda.

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They look genuine to me. But that Medusa seems to be on top of an Over the Top box.



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thank you very much. Friends I tell you. I am starting a collection of pieces, I have several items pending to buy with which I have doubts. And in what place of experts in the field,

1 the helmet has rare metal parts, (never seen one so) could those parts be original helmet?

2 the lenses have the symbol, x a little twisted. I have doubts with its originality

3. oakley penny have no series, they have the box and the coin. The owner tells me that I bought the glasses in 2003.

Thank you all for your attention


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Hello and welcome to the forum. The glasses - Romeo and Penny appear to be genuine items. Do not worry about the absence of a serial number on the penny arm as x metals produced post 2004 were not serialised until the sku numbers began in 2009 but that would not apply to the penny in this case as this model had ceased production well before this time. The medusa helmet again appears to be genuine from the photographs having owned one of these. You may wish to check for the labels inside and there are usually 2 - one white and one red denoting the size. I would hazard a guess the metal parts have been added by someone at a later date.

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