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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by double, 9/25/11.

  1. double


    Just curious who all has one? I managed to pick mine up new in the box with bag and goggles with bag. Besides putting it on a few times I've never actually worn it anywhere. Been tempted to on the bike but still has the tags and don't want to remove them.
    Medusa...who's got one? - photo-vi.jpg

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  2. Herbsley


    Do you keep it in a display case next to your $4 Oil Rigs?

  3. Herbsley


    Oh . . . and . . . . pics please!

  4. double


    Actually Herbs I've got it in a cube case on a bobhead all by it's lonesome, lol.
    I'll get a pic posted up tonight.

  5. slvrdragn69


    I have a medusa and someone stole my goggle that snapped on to it but I wear it almost every time I go snowboarding.

  6. Herbsley


    The ideal set-up for it then.

  7. double


    Medusa...who's got one? - photo-th.jpg
    Pics up Herbsley ;)

  8. Herbsley


    That set-up, my friend, is the b@lls.
    I salute you.

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