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  1. HimalayanHitman

    HimalayanHitman Oakley Beginner

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    Does anyone have the Mercedes Benz Oakley Flak Jackets? I drive a Mercedes to school and when I leave in the morning it is not always bright so occasionally I will forget my sunglasses, so I was thinking of keeping one pair in the car so that I will always have something but on the website they are $270 for standard Flak Jackets (not even XLJ lens) they say it has the star logo, how visible is it and is there anything else that separates them from standards? Normal Flaks are like $150 so is it worth buying the Benz model?

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  2. mercbezerk

    mercbezerk Unicorn Chaser Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    The merc symbol is no more noticeable than any other etching that Oakley have on their other lenses and the Flak Jackets are also a standard release.

    I had enquired about this pair right when I started collecting because I too wanted a pair, but when I saw them in person I wasn't all that impressed and passed on getting myself a pair.

    You're better off picking out a frame you like and asking Oakley to etch the logo on the lens. The rep I spoke with at the time told me that in order for Oakley to do a custom set with a logo not offered on their OCP website for a person, you would need to order no less than 20 pairs, but because they already have this template on file there is a chance that they'd be prepared to do a once off. I just never followed through.
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