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Metal Picture Frame & Plastic O


Oakley Expert
I picked up this awesome metal Oakley picture frame and plastic O from the same seller who had the 2 small cases and plaques/signs I posted in another thread.

The frame came with 2 sturdy cardboard posters; one with James Stewart (mint) and one with Travis Rice snowboarding (a couple of marks on it). My daughter called dibs for it in her room. I bought my son a metal Burton sign for his room from the same seller so it was only fair :)

The plastic O has 3 holes and used to hang in the seller's store with fishing line. I threw it on the wall for now and might sell it, although it does look good above the window in the garage. Thanks for looking.

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Oakley Jim

Oakley Enthusiast
I'd never seen an O sign like this until I picked one up unexpectedly from the guy I bought my big double cabinet off! they're really nice pieces & it does look good above your door but if you decide to sell it, I think it'd look even better above mine haha! So let me know if you decide you wish to part with it :D


Oakley Expert
Thank you. I told Rusty M that he was first in line for it, and had another member say he was interested, but you can be #3 ;). My problem is trying to find a box big enough to get a shipping quote. Its light but kind of bulky to ship.

I also picked up some posters from the same seller. Most have creases, small rips, or staple holes, but 2 are mint. I hung the others in my garage but might list the 2 mint ones for sale because I don't have wall space for them.


Oakley Expert
None of the items I mentioned in the above post are for sale. Did I say something that is against the exchange guidelines? My bad if I did. I can edit or delete my post. Sorry.