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  1. Zeke

    Zeke - The Retarded Battle Continues ... Premium Member

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    Crosshair 2.0
    Frame: Lead
    Ear Socks: Black
    Lens: OEM - Black Iridium Polarized (scratched)
    Lens: Replacement - Ice Iridium (43-315)

    Well, ... this sort of came out of an "inner" forced necessity rather than a "want", as the frames were A-OK.

    So a week ago I decided to tear down a few that needed it before I leave for vacation this Tuesday.

    I bought these Crosshair 2.0's on the Exchange, & absolutely love them *! - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - 06725d6c-94ae-4ef1-ac27-8470179e58a0_zpsb2e5ed53.jpg - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - 61201919-a931-4e45-8fd3-4b67bac97674_zpse3ebcb6e.jpg !*, but I have wanted to tear them down, along with others, to give them a full cleaning, etc. before leaving for vacation here on Tuesday.

    Well upon backing out the first orbital screw, I see some corrosion on the threads, ... then it felt difficult to pull the frame apart so I could remove the first lens. So on to the other screw. Same, only a little more corrosion. Ugh. Carefully I use the tip of a very, very small, flathead screwdriver to pry the "joint" apart without scratching the back side of the lens, nor the frame.

    The loosen up, & pop out to reveal a horror of corrosion in there - I regret not taking a photo of it. Then, looking at the frame itself, some of the actual "Lead" coating, on the underside of where the corrosion was, & a little under one of the orbitals was actually flaking off.

    Needless to say, I was annoyed, & my OCD, ADHD, & a touch of my Tourette Syndrome kicked in. I knew what I had to do!

    I grabbed a wad of steel wool & the best metal polish that I know to exist, Killer Chrome, by Surf City Garage

    - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - 9509bc1f-17e4-4836-b84e-f5db13c512c0_zps6466a2d0.jpg
    ... & I went to town! I was a polishin' fool! Nothing but elbow grease, little pieces of steel wool, the Killer Chrome, & perseverance. The intention was to rock these Crosshair's all polished out like a chrome bumper on a '55 Chevy.

    Well, ... here goes nuthin'!

    Here is a photo I found online to show the "Before" ...
    - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - Crosshar_2__googleIMAGES-0001_zpsd819c5e7.jpg
    - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - Crosshar_2__googleIMAGES-0002_zps71bee94c.jpg

    ... & my finished results ...
    - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - 5a1d737e-745d-4f98-80cc-2e6eaf0fd5ca_zps6b9769ae.jpg
    - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - 34728ac0-eac1-48b9-8fd7-72f5ed5f5c8e_zpsdc97e061.jpg
    - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - abaa1cf4-4b85-41b5-a7d3-c61b9ad5043e_zps2489c025.jpg
    - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - 9f86daf3-6ebb-4cbc-83d7-561bfc1c084f_zps80e7746f.jpg
    - Modding my Crosshair 2.0's ... - 875dbb17-9b04-4a21-bad0-373fb8f00895_zps36bc4314.jpg

    So, ... not really a modification, per se, but definitely a change in appearance that I felt I needed to do to attack the issues I found.

    Eh, .. What do you folks think? Does it belong here? Was it worth doing these glasses?

    Go ahead, let me have it!
    Last edited: 9/15/14
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  2. SpliceD

    SpliceD B-)

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    I recently picked up a pair of Crosshair2.0 on here. Polished Chrome/VR28 BI. Absolutely love them.

    I'll have to remember what you did here so if my chrome ever gets dull, i'll have to put in some elbow grease to get them back to looking sparkly like yours. Great work!
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  3. Zeke

    Zeke - The Retarded Battle Continues ... Premium Member

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    The brightwork that is underneath the "Lead" is amazing, & it was not like I polished them up, it was 98% working the coating off with something I knew would not hurt what I was positive was a chrome-type finish underneath, ... & working on much bigger things in the hobby of automobiles, I knew the softer/softest wool I had & that polish would be perfect, ... in hindsight I was right, anything more aggressive in the wool, & it would have left them a scratched mess ... it was a chance I took, & damn glad I did.
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