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Modest Collection

Anthony Thomas

Oakley Enthusiast
Finally got my display case built. So, here it is. Not the biggest or the best but it is all mine.

my colletion.jpg

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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It is custom built - sort of. I found a set of custom order sizeable book cases from Room & Board. You can order different woods and various widths at 1" variations. I ordered a set of 4 book cases that would fit my wall space and then had a cabinet maker install them and custom fit the 1/2" boarder with some trim. Then I brought in a glass company to put doors and shelves on the two center book cases. Dust a a big issue here where I live so I have sealed glass doors - quite air tight - so dust is kept to a minimum. Really happy with the result. The only thing I am lacking at the moment is finding some reasonably priced two and three tier stands. I have been away from actively watching Oakley prices and was really surprised at the high prices for the plastic Oakley branded stands. No rush, will keep my eye out for something. I already see TitanX posted up a similar want so I guess I just need to be patient.