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  1. us_Sheikh

    us_Sheikh Oakley Enthusiast

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    Hey fellas - whats up. Just wanted some help here. Really new to cutomizing an oakley pair on the forum so need some help. As most of you may know, I recently just got jacked on a pair of heavily scratched up MDs. So I'm planning to have them renewed - Hopefully it won't hurt my wallet too much.

    Im thinking that i'd want a polished chrome colour finish on this as my 1st priority. If its not possible then maybe a rust silver.
    Please let me know if there is someone who can help me out.

    Oh and about the icons, the paint has slightly come off so i'd like em renewed to the original red if that can also be done.

    Finally, thank you loads in advance. Will be waiting for your replies
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  2. flyer

    flyer Oakley Expert

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    Calling @dr.chop
    I've seen some stunning Monster work from him that far outweighs the cash outlay.
    (Don't let him read that...)
    Try this:
    Last edited: 6/20/16
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  3. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I concur
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  4. Joseaznag

    Joseaznag Oakley Enthusiast

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    very nice is work , i would like to do this on my monster dog
  5. dr.chop

    dr.chop Oakley Expert

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    yo...sorry, hadn't been on in a minute. I am down to do the later treatment, but no chrome these days..for now at least. I think I have a renewed focus to get back after that though.