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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by yoshi1984, 6/5/11.

  1. yoshi1984


    I have a pair of crystal black Monster Dogs, and the black iridum lenses are getting pretty old, these are my beater pair of glasses so i didn't take a whole lot of care into the lenses.
    I want to replace the lenses, but would try not to pay $65+tax for new MD lenses. I also want to get suggestions for good color lenses that match the crystal black frame.

    I know that's sort of a hard color frame to find matching lenses for. Maybe titanium iridium? that's pretty neutrual and i do love the titanium iridium.
    any help is appreciated, thanks!

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  2. The Game

    The Game

    Grey is $45, black iridium is $55

  3. Oakley_Sight


    Fire iridium look good in any MD frame

  4. yoshi1984


    oh i meant with tax, but yeah the lenses are usually 45 and 55.

  5. yoshi1984


    That would be a really nice choice, at first i thought fire iridium and crystle black wouldn't go well, but then the MotoGP Jupiter's have that similar colorway and it looked pretty nice.

  6. The Game

    The Game

    any iridium lens is gonna cost you the same as black iridium, if you want something different ice seem to be the popular choice for the custom monster dogs with crystal black frame. imo id upgrade to polarized. where do you live that they would charge you $10 of tax on a $55 item? thats almost 20%!

  7. the piper

    the piper

    My local O store charges 65 plus tax for these saying it is teh "new pricing"..I paid 70 to get Md Black Irid lenses 3 weeks ago

  8. Oakley_Sight


    i'm getting fire iridium fitted to my night camo MD & possibly emerald iridium to my snow camo MD. Should look good once done.

  9. GoIn2Shock


    I have a pair of crystal black MDs, I think staying with black iridium would be the way to go. I'm not sure how some of the more aggressive lens options would look in the frame.

  10. yoshi1984


    oh California, it may not be 10$ but its still high...

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