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Monster_beetle Is Present

Juleye Exclusive Eyewear

The Netherlands
I am sure pretty some of you might already know me from the O-review. For the ones who don't, here a little information about me...

My Forumname is monster_beetle, which comes from my first username I used on message boards. This name links to my first hobby, Tamiya radio control models, and that is the first model I had. I real life I am called Jules ;)
I also have my own forum about Tamiya, Tamiyagekken.nl. It's a dutch board... However for the last couple of years most of my interest went into Oakley.

At the moment I have a nice mixture of Oakley models, pretty some vintage and modern ones. Besides that a lot of display stuff to make sure they can stand out ;)
My first time I got in touch with Oakley is because of my speed skating, since I saw them I always wanted to have one. Well I got one, and then it has all gotten out of hand...

In daily life I am a student Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University. This also clarifies my love for design, architecture etc.

Any questions, just ask ;)
hey mr jules, nice to see you here as well! share your pics sometime! i now your collection has blown up and ou have stopped updating your collection page on OR so let's have a peek man!
Yeah, I have had the idea to update my OR collection page very often. But haven't found the time for it :( Really has to be done soon actually. But this holiday I have taken pretty some pics of each model I have. Not of all my models yet but that can be done ;) I used to put the prices I paid in my showroom, but unfortunately that can't be done now. I all forgot them :p

I will make some pics of my shelves somewhere soon for you and post them up.
Hi Jules, leuk om nog een Nederlander hier te hebben.

Hi Jules, it's nice to have another new Dutchmen overhere

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