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Discussion in 'Recent X-Metal Purchases' started by toosteeley, 2/19/16.

  1. toosteeley

    toosteeley Premium Member

    Who every said xmetals have a tendency to multiply like rabbits, wasn't kidding! Just got my first pair of Juliets (polished/fire) a few weekends ago from my brother, and have already increased the count to 4. Special thanks to @Weebs25 for an awesome pair of low serial # 1st gen plasma frames (the "bone" finish is amazing!) and @Jacob Carstens for a perfect condition pair of 3rd gen plasma frames which are now enjoying the addition of red linegear lenses. The xmetal/ruby pair are 4th gen I picked up from someone local. I'm very happy with how my xmetal collection is progressing :)

    Hope you enjoy!

    More Juliets! - 20160219_124250_resized.jpg More Juliets! - 20160219_124258_resized.jpg More Juliets! - 20160219_124233_resized.jpg

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  2. Fernando

    Fernando Premium Member

    Congrats sir ;)
    you're going in the right direction :lolsign:
    nino likes this.

  3. Funky-Trixtar

    Funky-Trixtar Premium Member

    Of course we enjoy..........looking FINE.

  4. SMman


    Very nice! I was "only going to buy 1" but I just purchased my 6th Juliet yesterday. I sold 2 though. Its certainly addictive.
    supersharp likes this.

  5. Durty66


    Congrats on your pick ups!

  6. Nortika

    Nortika Premium Member

    Congrats, I think your 1st gen plasmas are actually titanium with Gold iridium check the serial on the left side arm!

  7. toosteeley

    toosteeley Premium Member

    Thanks for all the compliments :)

    The serial is P000893. Definitely 1st gen Plasma. The fire lenses were trashed unfortunately. There's a set of BIP in there now ;)
    Nortika likes this.

  8. Nortika

    Nortika Premium Member

    I never new the 1st gen plasmas had a bone finish, sweet

  9. toosteeley

    toosteeley Premium Member

    I don't believe it was ever officially referred to as "bone". Think it's more what people here describe it as seeing as it's so different compared to later gen plasma finishes :)
    Last edited: 2/19/16
    Nortika likes this.

  10. cyclerdoug

    cyclerdoug Premium Member

    Very cool start! ...and I say that because they breed like you said....


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