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For Sale More POP, display cards, etc. Many $1.

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Here's another couple batches.

Shipping will be $7 without tracking, $12 with tracking to Can/US. Anywhere else just ask for a quote. I've put a "header" letter for each group plus a letter on each item. Prices will either be for the group or will be in the pic. First come first serve, no holds. If you want to see the other things I will be listing before I ship, just let me know and I'll keep all of your purchases until you're ready to ship. I'll have all of my display stuff and lenses and random stuff up before the weekend.
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Group J - All in this pic only $1!
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Group K. Prices beside the letters on each item.
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i'll grab the first set. (J)

pm me to be sure.. i have your paypal.. (stop taking my cash...) :)
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All PM's replied and pics updated with what's still available.
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