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MotoGP And Oakley Fans... This Is Where You Belong...

I'm a fan of Red Bull Racing... Been a fan ever since they bought over the failed Jaguar Racing for $1 in 2005... Fantastic achievement to become champions in a short span of 5 years.

I think only Fernando Alonso is officially sponsored by Oakley... Seen some custom jobs that he wears... I hope they come out with an F1 series soon!

Sorry to turn your MotoGP thread into F1... Just excited about F1 cos it's Singapore Grand Prix this weekend!!!
I have seen pictures of Fernando with a spain fuel cell, custom jawbone, and a couple other frames that are escaping me at the moment.

lol jaguar racing that was a poor team.

That would be incredible, an F1 Oakley series. I would buy that fast.
i was going to say i'll try to catch which Oakley Fernando will be rockin this weekend in Singapore... but. alas, Singapore GP is a night race... hahahah!!
LOL yes sadly it is! i think f1 night races aren't that great.
I know Kimi Raikkonen is a big fan of the Dispatch. I've seen Michael Schumacher wearing oakley's, particularly the canteen, probation.
the only reason its a night race is so that it can be aired in Europe at 2PM!!
but the nice thing about night race is u can see blue frames blowing out of the exhaust and the carbon disc glowing bright red!! :O

I've seen pics of Seb Vettel wearing White Chrome Scalpels
Since I need to change the title to f1/gp I'll ask this..

Any of you been to a gp or f1 race?

Personally I plan on going to one of each when they open the new track in Texas in '13. I forsee Indy being dropped from the gp circuit too
I've been to Malaysia and Singapore F1 races...
Personally, my take is, u'll actually see and catch more on TV compared to being there. On TV, u get live commentary, stats, replays, air-conditioning, comfy couch...:) However, nothing beats the atmosphere and the roar of the engines when u're there in person... no home theatre system, no matter how high end, will never be able to replicate the thunderous noise of 24 cars revving at 18,000 RPM at the start!!!
I would recommend u try to go to race at least once, just for the experience... and remember your ear-plugs!!
Pretty soon those 2.4l v8's will be changed to 1.6l turbo 6 cylinders. V6 i think with a rev limit of 15,000. in 2013?

Mercedes GP has said, or Ross Brawn i should say, that 2013 Mercedes will finally have a competitive car to compete for constructors championships and maybe a WDC. The question is, will Schumi extend his 3 yr contract agreement to 2013 or not. 2012 will be the last year of his 3 year agreement when rumors have been spilling over that Schumi will retire by the end of this season due to his lack of competitiveness and success on his comeback.
Ruebens will also retire and not be around for the NEW turbo era.
The USGP at Texas was moved to November from it's earlier date June date where the summer heat won't kill everyone at the track.
I am expecting a BNIB Moto GP Fuel Cell in the mail tomorrow. Can't wait. All I will need is the Batwolf to complete my collection. At least the pairs that I want. I am not into the Plaintiff, Holbrook or Jupiter.