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  1. reggavegga

    reggavegga Oakley Expert

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    If you are planning on buying something from Oakley.com join Mr Rebates and right now it is 6% cash back which almost pays for your taxes. Just thought I would pass it along. I wish you could say I referred you but looks like I would need your email address and I would send it to them, but I don't expect anyone to do that. I use this site when booking hotel rooms for work and recently got a check for 680.00 bucks granted it was 8% and spending around 400 to 500 for hotel rooms (stay at Holiday Inn Epress) and just let the cash build up for a while). I did this about 2 years ago found a full price C6 on SGH.com and they had a rebate basically got my sales tax paid for around 100 dollars back....
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