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Discussion in 'Oakley Display Case Discussion' started by frank330xi, 3/5/16.

  1. frank330xi

    frank330xi Premium Member

    Well I have done it! I popped my display case cherry. I picked up this medicine cabinet today, and have a few questions about it. My 1st is about the stands that are epoxied on the shelves and the bottom. Are these add-ons or was this a Oakley issued version? The stand are the tops of the metal stands but they appear to be professionally attached to the shelves and bottom of the case. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
    My 1st case....it's not going in the bathroom though - 20160305_220902.jpg My 1st case....it's not going in the bathroom though - 20160305_220905.jpg
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  2. Wicked

    Wicked Premium Member

    I've never seen one that has stand pieces glued or epoxied to them. Did it come with the base?

  3. frank330xi

    frank330xi Premium Member

    It did not....I have seen the base before on the bay and will now be on the lookout for one...but for now it's gonna find a home on the wall next to my desk.
    Last edited: 3/6/16
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  4. del518


    The stands do not come epoxied to this case. This must have been down afterwards.
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  5. Hed568


    Must be a custom job.

  6. frank330xi

    frank330xi Premium Member

    Yah everyone I have talked to advised the same....I am going to have new shelves cut most likely

  7. frank330xi

    frank330xi Premium Member

  8. jbrash512


    Looks awesome! I like the sports vibe you've got going on with the baseballs and golf ball :)
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  9. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Congrats. Looks good too! :)

  10. frank330xi

    frank330xi Premium Member

    Thanks, it's a lititle crowded and I'm gonna hang it up....but Ito like a new toy yah play with it before yah even read the instructions!

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