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My Beloved Foakleys


Oakley Expert
Hi guys, just want to share this with you:
I started wearing Oakley since I was like 12, loved those Frogskins. I changed frame preferences over time but never my favorite brand. I started like seriously collecting them not long ago and there was when the problems of people trying to take advantage started... I have bought quite a few Foakleys all of them from eBay, some of them were great copies, not so cheap looking once you got them on your hands, some a slap on the face! I just threw all of my Foakleys but these two, they're a reminder for me to always do research of the items I want before committing to spend money on them, a reminder to always use common sense: if in doubt is always better to back off than to lose money... and certainly report every fake item I might find, it doesn't cost me nothing and I'm helping to take those motherf**** counterfeiters down!

Just my 2 cents guys
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Sorry that you got burned. I am usually very careful with eBay but those look pretty real at a glance in the photos. These fakes are getting better and better every day
is the o logo on the lens for the canteen not a giveaway? I've never seen a canteen with any thing on the lens...
Yea Carlos I saw those frogs on your "collection" thread last week and immediately raised a flag hehe.

Yeah, I remember someone asked me for those Frogs and I told him they were fakes... he was surprised of how legit they looked, now I just took' em down from my collection...
When I was a kid I bought fake Oakleys from a website for $15. I was happy and it was all I could afford.

I recall a cousin of mine buying "Oakreys" from a street vendor for ~$10 while on a trip.

But for that kind of money I think they were pretty upfront about the glasses being fake.

I'd be pissed if I got taken, almost happened to me on a Craigslist meet.