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My case arrived.....BROKEN!!


Oakley Collector
Well, all the bulbs broke, the bottom piece cracked and broke, a total nightmare. Spent most of the day trying to find parts to fix it. Managed to get all the bulbs, just not the piece of acrylic that goes on the bottom. Otherwise, it looks pretty good. Has a couple scratches on it that I will touch up. This is what I got so far....


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Dallas O Hog

O.C.D. Oakley Collecting Disorder haha
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Yep if it was shipped it probably wasn't handled with care like it needs to be


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I told the seller that...no protection at all in the box. BUT...he said he would refund my money and file a claim with UPS. But I really want the case, so I told him that if I can get it running and working right, and if he pays for the expenses, would he be OK with that? He said no problem, he just wants me to tell him how much it will cost me to get it fixed. Time and driving all over NJ not included, I'm about $60 in the hole without the cut piece on the bottom. Going to a plastic store today and see if they can cut me a custom piece.

Think is BIG....so now I have to buy more glasses to fill it. I all ready got 10 X-Metal stands for it (for 20 pairs). I will also put my EDC stuff in there like my jewelry, watch, pens, etc.


Oakley Collector
Trust me, Home Depot, Lowes, and like 6 other places. NOTHING. One lighting store could get it, but needed to order an 8ft. sheet. No thanks. Seller is looking for a piece, I gave him sizes. Going to this plastic store and see if they can do it. The base is white, if it's cheap...I may get one in white and one in purple. I will know later today and post pics with my small collection.


you know, the thing!
Plastic store here would charge you about 18$ for that and cut it while you wait.
Ive had shelves made for most of my cases. Not a big deal.


Oakley Collector
Got it fixed. I got the halogen bulbs, had to buy a six pack. And got the florescents as well. Ihad to take the whole thing apart and put it back together. Door was bent as well. Looks great now. Shelves have some scratches, but once I fill it it shouldn't show. Got about a dozen of those 2 tier X-Metal stands, probably put 4 on each shelf...and than get a few more pairs of sunnys to make it look nice and full. Here it is now...

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