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My Display Case

Hey, just made this its own topic, its awesome! I love this case, do you know what it is called, I would love to find one of these!! And it will be a lot of fun to fill it up, you are very lucky! :)
Thanks! not sure what it's called I will look into it. I have a friend that was able to hook me up. I'm just stoked to have a legit case and able to collect the awesome glasses that Oakley designs!
It's uncommon because it's a women's case. I'm pretty sure I've seen it once, but I don't remember where.. I've been to I think 5 different O-Stores and most of them in different O eras, so they all change too. Plus there's all the dealers (probably saw it at the local sunglass hut? this one got a couple Pit Boss) and the Rolling O Lab at least 8 times. Very nice setup.
It's a very cool case, I like that it has lights. The script logo at the top indicates it a women's display case. Anything with the script logo is geared toward women. It is still a very nice pick-up, I have never seen that style, I like it a lot and it will look even better when it's all filled up. Thanks for sharing!