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  1. Mervillian

    Mervillian Oakley Enthusiast

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    So believe it or not I signed up for an ebay account only a few weeks ago and had not made an ebay purchase for over a dozen years.

    After buying, receiving and being happy with a 'buy it now' purchase, I started watching a few auctions focusing in on original XXs (have been a fan since they became my first purchase) and Hatchets (wanted a pair of O-luminum and liked the look, although have never seen them in person).

    So the first blunder is that I end up bidding on a pair of Crystal Black XX with grey lenses when I meant to bid on a pair of Hatchets (I was driving and my phone dinged to indicate an outbid notice on the Hatchets and a ending soon on the XX. When I arrived I guess I went to the wrong notification or something...still not sure how it happened). The price was higher than I otherwise would have paid, but the worst part was the I ended up paying over $30 for shipping and import fees.
    However, the glasses have now arrived and are in very good shape. The matching box is also in the mail thanks to Oakster giving me a deal, so I am happy to have these in my collection (with my other boxed o matter XXs).

    So after being frazzled, I upped my bid on the Hatchets and ended up winning them exactly at my max bid. They arrived today and I can barely get them on my head and are extremely uncomfortable. O-matter XXs fit and Juliets are a tad snug with 15 t shox installed (but certainty wearable) .

    Are Hatchets really this small (I thought I had read they fit similar to Juliets), or is it possible these are Asian fits? How do Asian fits differ from standard fits and how would I tell which they are?
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  2. Oakle y

    Oakle y Something Something Darkside Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Is there a model number on the stem? You could check o-review with the part number I believe the Asian fit would have a different part number. I believe the Asian fit is just less curve through the lens section. They are designed to fit a much flatter face.