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MY Favorite O Store...

I know someone had posted a thread about they're favorite Oakley Store... but,i never put my input.
Anywho.... my favorite O store definitely has to be the one inside Universal Studios Orlando.
I've only shopped there about 3 times in the last 4 or 5 years,but... It's a really cool store.
They have some pretty well informed employees who know alot more about Oakleys than anyone
who works at SGH :tongue: and, they had a nice stock of sunnies. They also have a mini-store
in the middle of the park somewhere (don't remember exactly where) but its about a 10x10 set up.
Nicely stocked as well. The main O store there, (they have 2 now) is by the Amityville Area,
so its set up like an old house. Pretty cool. I had an extensive range of photos from my trip.
but managed to lose my $3,000.00 Leica :dance3:

Found this online...not a great shot, but it'll give you an idea!

thats not an o-store, its actually a shop owned by billabong

The Game is on his Game..... You are correct. I stop in that store all the time... They sell more then just Oakley. Just like Quiet Flight Surf Shop in Universal City Walk, they have a huge abundance of Oakley in that stor also...
Mine is apparently going to be the one in Park City if I can ever find the time to get up there, but it probably won't be til after my son is born. I called them for the first time today and the girl on the other end said that they had a HUGE X-Metal collection there, including the X-Squareds. I figure that after one stop in there, I'll have a pretty good idea of how deep in debt to Oakley I'm going to be.