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  1. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I am a big supporter of our military and I love that Oakley offers these frames to government and public service personnel who we depend on and who risk their own well being for us.

    I've been an Oakley fan for a long time and my first pair I got was in high school as a gift, a set of XX is flat black with black iridium polarized lenses. I wore them sparingly for a few years and didn't really enjoy them too much. Then I met some guys in the service through the ROTC program at college and decided on getting a set of M-Frames for shooting. This is when you still needed a $250 minimum order.

    After I got the M-Frames I was hooked.

    This is what I keep in the cabinet at home.

    2 SI M-Frames, with grey, grey ballistic, clear, clear ballistic, and VR28 in strike, and a black iridium polarized heater I added to the set. I absolutely love the heater lens and I needed something with polarization and a darker tint than grey since my eyes fatigue and give me headaches in bright light. You'll note the two grey lenses are not the same level of tint.

    SI Half Jacket with XLJ grey polarized. There were my dads that he got and abused since about 2000 to 2010 when he switched to prescription. The lenses are a little beat up, and I have a VR28 polarized set for them somewhere. These also have the older style metal Icons, as opposed to the current normal-looking gunmetal that come on all SI's.

    SI Flak Jackets with XLJ gold iridium polarized. Got these about 5 months ago with standard grey lenses and moved to gold for the slight contrast and better protection. These are my daily glasses and ride in a case in my work bag if they're not on my face or on the counter.
    My Few Pairs Of SI - 2011-10-30152702.jpg
    My Few Pairs Of SI - 2011-10-30152819.jpg

    I take pride in having almost zero marks on my glasses. The only defects from me wearing them are my M-Frames that occasionally take ricocheting jackets, shell casings, hot gas, and bullet material while shooting. And even those are better than some of the "like new" glasses people advertise on eBay and other places.

    I've also owned SI Straight Jackets, but sold them to a friend since I didn't like the fit, a different pair of Half Jackets with fire lenses, and a set of SI Desert Gascans I'm currently selling to a member here.

    Next on the list is Half Wire, Ten, Radar XL, Fast Jacket XL, Inmate, Crosshair 2, more frames for my M-lenses and trying to find the perfect overcast, contrast driving lens.

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    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakley4Life

    Oakley4Life Oakley Collector

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    nice set up of SI's you got there.