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  1. Wally Taylor

    Wally Taylor Oakley Enthusiast

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    View attachment 265107 View attachment 265106 View attachment 265105 My Wife got some free bids at one of those auction sites. she really wasn't into it, so she gave me the 25 free bids. I have always worn Oakley Sunglasses, so I began bidding on the only pair of Oakleys up for auction. I was surprised at how fast the bidding went, so after two bids, I just sat as the bids went wildly for about three minutes. I started bidding as the bids got down to one and two seconds, and about ten more bids in, the auction ended, and there was my username listed as the auction winner. So, I got a pair of black Flak Jacket XLJ's for exactly 13 free bids. I had to pay for shipping, so I think these beautiful, comfortable Oakley's with the cool case cost me $7.
    After I got them, I have always liked Oakley Emerald lenses, so on eBay someone was selling a brand new pair of genuine Oakley Emerald lenses from a pair of white XLJ's, So for around $50 I got a pair of XLJ's with the Black Iridium and Emerald Iridium lenses along with that great case that holds everything including the spare lenses. The Emerald lenses arrived, and they were absolutely perfect as described.
    I've had them for two years, and only tried them on once. They are just too cool to wear. Mill probably wear them as the last sunglasses I wear in my life. I absolutely LOVE them, so I put away my twin lense set, and I found a great deal on a mint pair of used XLJ's, so those are my everyday shades now.
    I may sell the pair with two lenses sometime, but for now they are the prize of my sunglass collection. I have a pair of Ray Ban Woodys, bug these top them. The Woodys are pretty strange, but I bought them for rarity a long time ago.
    Oh, and I'm new here so HELLO everybody!
    Last edited: 7/20/16
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Congrats I think