I should Work at Oakley
Beautiful pictures! The polished pb1 looks nice and the R1 looks nice with the custom lenses. The collection looks great. Hopefully you will be back in a short time to add to the collection.


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just hope you can stick to it. ;)
Nice collection - best if luck with the spending freeze...
Hiatus... how many of us on here have said that before!!! Easier said than done!
Maybe..just maybe...I might be able to stick to it. As with all collecting hobbies, we need to find a purpose in doing so. IMO, the X-Metals and Elite Series are really work of art, they convey a certain design language that resonates well with my inner desires.

The X-Metal series are understandable, for many of us, they were released at a time when we probably were still in school and simply could not afford them. That's probably why there's a strong interest in X-Metals even today, as that same generation that coveted the X-Metals are now financially able to act on that desire.

The PitBosses? I was living in a cave then, never knew it existed until 2 months back. The Elite series are beautiful and exudes quality, maybe not so much on functionality, but it's definitely a collectible. Everyone should have at least one in their collection. However, it should never be revived, not when Oakley is under Lux.

The remaining O-matters in my collections? Functional pairs that serve different purposes. Most have good wrap on the sides but vary in lens height and size.

Chainlink on bottom right? That's a special one. It was a gift, a very meaningful birthday gift!

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