Ben G

Oakley Enthusiast
Essex, UK
Thought I should say hello in here, I jumped straight into the Frogskins forum with a question without posting here first.

Nowt much interesting about me, I bought my first pair of Minutes when they were first released, they've been with me everywhere, flash forward many years and now I can't stop buying more!

Looking forward to learning more & building a nice 'Frog pond' :)

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Enthusiast
Sunshine State
My name is Al I joined here few days ago. The reason I joined is the members good reputation for selling, trading, etc...
I'm new to collecting Oakley's sunglasses and it's good to be here.
With that being said i'm looking for a pair of Pit Boss 1 Matte Black/black iridium polarized, the purchase will be done however the seller would like as long as he got a decent feedbacks here. my email is
I apologize for posting this in the wrong thread but I don't know how to post or where if I need to purchase sunglasses.
My apology once again and thanks

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