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My New Oakley Holbrook Problem


Oakley Beginner
Hi Guys,

Im new here. :redface:

I just bought my Oakley Holbrook (ebay) and noticed that the lens has stain or i dont know how to call it( but it looks like a stain to me) when exposed to a direct sunlight or any light . attached are the photos of the lens. i tried to clean it with the micro fiber bag, but nothing happens. my questions are:

- are these "stain look" usual on oakley lenses? or factory defect.

- are these lenses (attached) authentic or not?

Please help me. :sad:

Thanks and more power.



Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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I can't make heads or tails from your pics, but thanks for trying ;) It's not uncommon for some lenses to have imperfections out of the box IMO, I've seen some factory fresh stuff that I had to pass on as a result. If you got them recently, I'd see if they will let you exchange them. Otherwise you can try Oakley's warranty but in my experience it's a slow and not-so-fun process, you have to call them up and once approved, provide them a scan of your receipt and provide pics (which looks like you've done a great job with!) and wait for their response via e-mail. Not sure if they will have any issues with the limited nature of the nicky hayden's, at least they are still relatively recently released.

Hopefully you'll get it worked out either way. I think the ruby lenses show imperfections and scratches very easily so make sure when you clean them it's a clean clean cloth!

have you tried using the lens cleaner? looks like skin oil stains to me..but that's just my opinion based on your pics. =)

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your reply.

@jonoyong & OBlazer - i dont have the oakley cleaner :( but i will purchase one. are skin oil stains cant be removed by just wiping it with the microfiber bag? i also tried running water but the stain is still there.

@MrSneis - Thanks :)


dont use too much of the cleaner or you will be wiping forever!! those lenses are hard to keep clean.

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