Oakley Beginner
Hi guys, i got asked to post up my collection well heres what remains of it.
I have broken/lost or had stolen about 9 pairs that breaks my heart.
I was lucky enough to have a pair of OTT with fire lenses (stolen in burglary)
Medusa hat with goggles and bob stand (stolen in burglary)
Minute and time bomb watches (stolen in burglary)
Black juliets with fire lense (daughter left on a ride in disneyworld)
Custom half jackets (broken arm joint)
Micheal jordan wires (taken after car went in for repair)
2 x frogskins (lost somewhere)
Gascan (left on car roof)
I now have to wear glasses perminantly so will still be collecting but with a little more care.
Precriptions are oakley barrelhouse and wingfold evr
Currently negotiating a deal on a pair of OTT 😁😁😁


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Man you don’t have much luck with Oakley’s. Sorry to hear that but you still have a nice collection.

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