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  1. Beancooker

    Beancooker Oakley Enthusiast

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    I don't know why when posting from an iPad all the paragraphs are jammed together... Anyways... (edited from a PC because the paragraph issue was killing me)

    I found this case on eBay a couple of months ago. It was filthy, and the guy was asking $400 for it. I contacted him and offered him $200. We settled on $300. He wanted what it was worth as scrap. He figured the aluminum and Lexan was worth that much. I had no problem paying $300 for it, since it is worth quite a bit more than that.

    I didn't like the crappy fluorescent light that he had on the top of it. I pulled the light off, and started cleaning. I used acetone to clean the aluminum, and Meguiars Plastic X to polish the Lexan. After a day of cleaning, I took it inside.

    Next was time to upgrade the lighting. I picked up some Sylvainia Mosaic lights from Costco for $30. I took the ninety degree couplers and cut them in half. I then took a bunch of wire that I had in the garage and started splicing the couplers together. All connections were soldered and shrink tube sealed. I drilled out two small holes in the top of the case to accommodate the wiring. I ran the LEDs down the inside of the case, on each side of the door.

    Next up was the "Oakley Polarized" signs. I picked up a sheet of Lexan at the Home Depot. I cut four pieces to fit each sign, removed the protective coating and painted it red. After the paint dried I flipped the Lexan and put them in the sign with the paint facing backward. This way you view the red through the Lexan, and it acts as its own clear coat. A few drops of hot melt glue and they are secured to the signs.

    I needed a small holder for a third pair of Juliet's. I took two pieces of the leftover Lexan and cut it down to the size I wanted. I then cut an aluminum rod down and hot glued the Lexan to each side, creating a pedestal. This is where pair #3 resides.
    Hope you all enjoy!
    This is the finished product:

    With the room lights turned off

    My Oakley Single Wide Case - IMG_0336copy_zpsb689d983.jpg

    With the room lights on

    My Oakley Single Wide Case - IMG_0338copy_zps2cd42d9f.jpg

    The pedestal and signs

    My Oakley Single Wide Case - IMG_0340copy_zps34ce210e.jpg
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  2. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    Looks pretty sweet! But your avatar is creepy as F***!!
  3. reggavegga

    reggavegga Oakley Expert

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    pretty neat my likey.....
  4. Beancooker

    Beancooker Oakley Enthusiast

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    Thanks, I put a lot into it. It's awesome to have a community that appreciates it.
    I have been rocking this avatar since I was an Admin at NICO club years ago. It just seems to fit me well.
  5. nyhokie

    nyhokie Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    :rofl: Looks absolutely sick with the lights off. Nice setup.
  6. atrain

    atrain O-Forums Boss of Bosses

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    Damn man good job
  7. Cargo

    Cargo JFL lover

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    Looks great, Id love to have this in my living room.
    Good job.;)
  8. rmontez

    rmontez Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    LMAO I was thinking the same thing as Oakleyguru. Nice looking display.
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  9. Tsuius

    Tsuius Oakley Beginner

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    Great job!
  10. CarGuy

    CarGuy Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Nice update to an old display. I did something similar with rope lights (also from Costco) but think that I might have to follow your lead with the Sylvania kit.
    It lust looks cleaner I think.
    That's the one with the little white wireless remote, right?