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  1. tj1230

    tj1230 Oakley Beginner

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    I cut out from work early on friday to go the lake. I was most concerned about losing my O's while doing dumb stuff on my stand-up. My buddy in his boat and me on my ski. We get out and I start having fuel delivery problems. Then kill the battery trying to get it going again. Jump it a couple of times, and still nothing. Tow it to the shore and tie it off. Grab my phone*(ziplock bag) and I jump in the boat. My phone goes in the jockey box on the boat. We start to mess around and see if we can't submerge the boat by full throttle forward then full throttle reverse*(JET BOAT) We do this a few times and then we think about getting the gopro out. The backpack the gp was in was soaked...Gopro ok, two phones in bag NO BUENO. I decide to check my iphone which was in a different location and in a ziplock bag right? Nope didn't help. We limped back to shore, loaded up the ski and boat. I tried drying out my phone w/ no luck. Apple was kind enough to replace it but not before two things happened: One they asked me if I was trying to turn my Iphone into a fish tank. I answered. The second thing that happened was I paid them a good amount of money for a new phone... This money was slotted to get me a couple new pairs of Oakleys. The only good thing was the one thing that I was worried about. My Oakleys were unharmed in the making of this story.

    What did I learn from this:
    First, If you leave work early to go to the lake, you have more time for S**T to go wrong!
    Second, I messed with some final destination stuff by jump starting a jetski in a lake, from a boat.
    Third, Always take the time to utilize all purchased materials*(ie my lifeproof case for Iphone, straps for O's and GOPRO)
    Last, Apple, will replace items at YOUR cost, and maybe with a side of smart a$$ comments.

    *(Here is what we were doing)(This is not our video)
    The Submarine / Sea Doo / Sub Move / Jet Boat / SeaDoo / Submarine - YouTube

    Just thought I would share my friday. Hope y'alls was better!
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  2. Gcklippel

    Gcklippel Oakley Beginner

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    What not to do on a friday- Good intension sometimes lapse into - "OH Crap" without