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  1. greenjersey

    greenjersey Guest

    This will be as the title says, "my one and only rant!" It was just funny in an irritating way, in which I just feel like sharing. Never go to the sunglasses hut in Macy's at the woodland mall, kentwood, grand rapids area, Michigan.

    Walked up with my brother. Cute girl working there so a friendly hello was exchanged. then that's where it all went downhill.

    Her: "What are you looking for?"
    Me: "I'm just looking right now, thanks."
    Her: "What are you looking for anything in particular?"
    Me: "No, I'm just looking right now."

    Proceeds to stand right behind me off to the side in armspan of me while I'm bent over a little looking at the sunglasses they have out. I could see her just starring at me in silence, making it uncomfortable.

    Me: "You don't need to stand there over my shoulder while I look."
    Her: "Well is there something I can help you find?"
    Me: Stood up and looked at her. "For a third time now I've told you I'm just looking."
    Her: "Well I'm just doing my job!!"
    Me: "Clearly not, because you've asked me the same question 3x in a row. You know what, I'm just going to walk away so I don't say something I may regret.

    Then she turned out not to be cute anymore, and was straight creepy. She didn't even see the $300 Oakleys on my forehead clearly, which should have been her starting point as a sales associate to stir conversation.

    Just had to let that all out, whew. Some people, I tell you...just idiots.

    Well there is my rant to add to the forum haha.
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  2. the piper

    the piper Oakley Collector

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    yeah but the cute female idiots are more enjoyable in general...There's nothing worse than a guy trying to sell me on Big Prada....not that there's anything wrong with that ... for some people...but there are some real "fashion oriented" people that just down Oakley every chance they get...no offense to them but I think most SGH people forget they are all the same co. now at least in ownership. the other is the non O related best Buy classic "Did u find everything u were looking for?"-well..."no I am empty handed and leaving"...