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  1. SpeakForYou

    SpeakForYou Oakley Enthusiast

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    Just back from my Trip to London with my best pal. 3 of the 4 days we were away involved something to do with Oakley purchases.

    Day 1: Glasgow to Reading

    Stopped by Wales to meet up with RONNIE who was very kind to pick me up some Frogs from the Vault. Got the Wilberry & Milk and also the Grenade Fades.

    My Recent Trip To London - 56093ae7-29e9-618d.jpg
    My Recent Trip To London - 56093ae7-29f7-673e.jpg

    Day 2: Legoland

    Unfortunately there isn't any Lego editions so had to settle with just wearing my VR46 Frogs that day.

    Day 3: London

    Went to London For some sightseeing and shopping, had to visit the O Store at the Covent Garden. Nice store but was far too busy since it was very hot and some staff didn't seem to be bothered with you which is a pity but did pick up some t-shirts.

    My Recent Trip To London - 56093ae7-2aca-f640.jpg

    Day 4: Reading - Glasgow via Cheshire Oaks

    Stopped by the Cheshire Oaks Outlet place on the way home. Had a look at a few sunglass stores that sold Oakleys an did see a few pairs that tool my fancy. Went to the Vault which was again busy bur great. Seen a pair of Jupiter Camo Fuel Cells and asked the girl if they had them and she said no. I was a bit annoyed, if they didn't have any then why were they on display? The girl came up to me a few seconds later apologising that she made a mistake and they did have them in stock. Said she was a little confused haha. Felt sorry for her but it was too hot so I don't blame her. Plus she redeemed herself lol. So, picked up the Fuel Cells, and hoodie and a bag for college :D

    My Recent Trip To London - 56093ae7-2c1f-5660.jpg
    My Recent Trip To London - 56093ae7-2c28-86d8.jpg
    My Recent Trip To London - 56093ae7-2c30-bf01.jpg

    My pal tried on some Probations and now wants a pair but couldn't justify the £95 for them today so he is now looking for a pair that's cheaper than that. PM me if you know anywhere/one who may be selling them for a lower price.

    Few good day of shopping and very pleased with all my Oakley goodies. My mother didn't kill me for buying more sunglasses but she doesn't like my new Frogs and says I should sell them :(

    Just wish Oakley would open an O Store/Vault in Scotland because my local store is 400+ miles away and that's a little far away to just pop in haha.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. sander

    sander Oakley Enthusiast

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    Some nice pickups there! Liking the shirts from Covent Garden.. And of course, Wildberry'n'Milk - where'd you get that at??
    Hate it when the employees don't give a rats about their customers - makes me want to leave. Although, I guess I've been lucky.. All the stores I've been to so far (SoHo, Times Square (NY) and Christiana Mall (PA)), the people there have been nice and chatted.. One guy at SoHo almost bought my Matte Olive Grenades - he was sooo annoyed I'd gotten them at retail..

    How are you liking the Fuel Cell? I see you're moving into new styles - that's great! I used to wear the FC but got hooked on the more retro styling of the Dispatch (1), Holbrook and of course Frogs..
  3. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    @ SpeakForYou,

    will be around Chritmas in the UK, like every year.
    Is Covent Garden a visit worth? Do they have a big choice of shades?
  4. Oakley_Sight

    Oakley_Sight Gotta love a good DOG

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    Now that's a shopping trip. Great pick ups. you now need to get wearing them before summer finishes here in the UK.:cool:
  5. SpeakForYou

    SpeakForYou Oakley Enthusiast

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    RONNIE got the Wilberry & Milk from the Vault. Look better in the flesh than I thought they would.

    Love the Fuel Cells, feel different wearing than the Frogs haha. Managed to try on the Dispatch, Holbrook, Crankcase, Probation and a few others. Quite lucky that I can wear the majority of the lifestyle frames :D

    They do have a good choice of shades but I couldn't get to see them all because it was so busy. I think there's an up stairs too but didn't notice that until I was leaving :(

    RONNIE Oakley Beginner

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    Hello speak :cool: glad you like what I got for you and anytime you want out feel free to ask and I will try and find you what you want,nice to meet you in person also.
  7. Peeza21

    Peeza21 African in the United Kingdom

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    Some awesome pick ups! Congrats!!
  8. qBan

    qBan The Hijinxer

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    nice trip! great pick ups too
  9. da_nige

    da_nige Oakley Enthusiast

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    I think it would be too dangerous if we had a Vault in Scotland. I have a friend who is going to Portsmouth soon and he owes me money but I've told him to call me from the store down there and we might come to another arrangement!

  10. SpeakForYou

    SpeakForYou Oakley Enthusiast

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    Why not eh? Me and my pal are planing another trip down to Cheshire Oaks Vault in November so I'll be buying my own X-Mas pressies haha!