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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by TechGuy77, 2/26/16.

  1. TechGuy77


    I just picked up a pair of Half Jacket 2.0's yesterday with silver frame, G30 Iridium Polarized lenses (Looks like Ice) with black rubbers from that small commerce eBay website. They just shipped out today and will arrive next Wednesday, can't wait! Pictures to follow when they arrive. I also recently purchased on sale from Oakley some Flak Jackets with polished black frame, navy rubbers and Black Iridium XLJ lenses but I totally customized them to my likings. Got some XLJ Ice Iridium Polarized lenses and blue rubbers, they looks so sweet in my opinion. Pictures also to follow. So once the Half Jacket 2.0's arrive I will have 3 total pairs of Oakley. Hey a collector has to start somewhere.

    Wife already informed me that the non-essential purchases have stop and then buys $400 in clothes! I forgot to inform her that these are essential to my collection! LOL!
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  2. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Congrats and :rofl:

  3. the_owl


    danga. keep it up!

  4. TechGuy77


    My small collection has grown to 3! - 7e7652f83a7f22712bfded9c0289eca7.jpg

    Here are my customized Flak jackets.
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  5. Blockster


    Gotta love a nice pair of Flak Jackets

  6. Durty66



  7. supersharp

    supersharp Premium Member Lifetime Member

    congrats. Keep buying because the wife certainly will keep spending even if you don't. Lol.

  8. riddick666


    looking good!!!

    it gets addictive.... I started off with a pair of Juliet ducatis 10 years ago.... and in the last 2 years im upto my tenth pair.
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  9. cyclerdoug

    cyclerdoug Premium Member

    @TechGuy77 Great start. Keep in mind "Quality over Quantity" and you'll enjoy your collection much more, regardless of how big it gets. ;)

  10. pjd1234


    Ready for 4 and beyond lol

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