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Discussion in 'Oakley Collections Area' started by oakvad, 3/10/16.

  1. oakvad


    Only 2 for now, hoping to add to it
    And I have my original M frame lenses with a fake frame.
    My tiny collection - 90a09f720fc62cf8f825dad5767be4b1.jpg
    My tiny collection - ee5f77323f82de67315433b71357e7ba.jpg
    My tiny collection - 0f9dff5197c41813fd54c7a877786495.jpg
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  2. Jacob L

    Jacob L

    Have to start somewhere man! Awesome M-frame lens. I know they are harder to come by!

  3. oakvad


    I wish they were in better shape, and I had the original frames.
    Just added some Juliets to
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  4. Jacob L

    Jacob L

    One pair at a time and before you know it you have 40+ pairs LOL

  5. oakvad


    Lol. Sitting here debating Wether or not I want some lenses for my e-wires!

  6. pjd1234


    Great time for an xmetal
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  7. oakvad


    Just bought a pair tonight!
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  8. pjd1234


    Awesome lol..

  9. oakvad


    Tell me about it. Replacing a pair of juliets I lost a couple years ago.
    They better hurry and get here! Lol
    pjd1234 likes this.

  10. pjd1234


    Yah i was reading that post hahhhhhha...well u got one now hope it dies not multiply lol..
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