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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by -=Jeff=-, 10/8/11.

  1. -=Jeff=-


    My X Metal XX and X Metal Juliet

    My Two X Metals - 2011-10-08_20-31-53_875.jpg

    My Two X Metals - 2011-10-08_20-32-07_157.jpg

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  2. doowutchyalike


    Those hammerstems sure would look good on that Juliet! Lol

  3. -=Jeff=-


    LOL.. if I had a spare pair of hammerstems then yes.. but they look good on the XX

  4. BriP


    x2! definitely

  5. yoshi1984


    can you really switch out the arms of a x-metal XX onto a juliet frame?
    if so, that's pretty bada$$ man!

    God I want a x-metal XX...looking at those really gets me happy inside LOL. They look so much better than a juliet. X-metal XX best of the x-metal family!

  6. BriP


    yes, the romeo1, Mars, Juliet, and XX all share the same earstem hinge, so are all swappable. although, getting the plastic washers back in is abit of a pain..

  7. -=Jeff=-


    On me:
    Sorry for this low light crappy pic:
    X Metal XX
    My Two X Metals - 2011-10-10_18-19-00_356.jpg

    My Two X Metals - 2011-10-10_11-32-11_388.jpg

  8. BriP


    truth be told the XX fits you better as you have a larger face

  9. -=Jeff=-


    TOo bad they don't make any lenses for the XX.. I like the VR28 BIP of the Juliet, There really are not too many options in a X metal. The X Squared is a bit bigger but I don't really think the square shape is for me

  10. BriP


    hmm yeah not a fan of the squared shapes either.. have you tried the 24k Gold Iridium for the XX? they're pretty sweet. another way is i've seen custom cuts of lenses from M-frame lenses... i'll pm you a link.

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