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  1. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

    Trophy Points:
    Here is a little bit about my Obsession, I Don't have the biggest Oakley sunglasses collection, but I'm into all the swag that Oakley makes. I love everything Oakley.

    Here is My Double wide Case

    My Updated Collection - 1.JPG

    I will start on the Top

    My Updated Collection - 2.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 3.JPG

    TDF Radar Path
    Jupiter Camo Jawbone
    Jupiter Camo Frogskins
    Jupiter Camo Shorts
    Jupiter Camo Hoody
    OTT FMJ with emerald

    My Updated Collection - 4.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 5.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 6.JPG

    Echelon True Carbon Fiber Jawbone
    Echelon True Carbon Fiber Radar Path

    My Updated Collection - 7-1.JPG

    Glow In The Dark Japan Exclusive Radar Path
    Glow In The Dark Japan Exclusive Atmos Jawbone
    Glow In The Dark early edition without the Trouble Andrews on the arm Frogskins
    Gift card Gascan model
    3-D Shorts
    Black and White Bandanna
    Black and Gray Shirts on the very back
    London Olympic Pin

    My Updated Collection - 7-2.JPG My Updated Collection - 7-3.JPG

    [/ATTACH] My Updated Collection - 8.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 9.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 10.JPG
    Last edited: 10/15/14
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

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    The Second shelf are my true loves: X-Metal's!!!!!

    My Updated Collection - 9.JPG

    From the Left:
    Infinite Hero Juliet with Violet Iridium
    1st gen X-Metal with Ruby Iridium
    1st gen Tio2 Juliet with Polarized VR28
    1st gen Juliet Brown with VR28
    1st gen Copper Penny with VR28
    1st gen Polished Juliet with G30 lenses

    My Updated Collection - 10.JPG
    My Updated Collection - 10-1.JPG

    1st gen Titanium Juliets with Gold Iridium
    1st gen Titanium Romeo with Gold Iridium
    1st gen Plasma XX with Blue Iridium
    1st gen Penny Plasma Blue Iridium RX

    My Updated Collection - 10-2.JPG

    The right:
    24K Juliet with Titanium Polarized
    Ichiro Juliet Polished with Emerald slate
    1st gen Penny Polished with VR28 Polarized
    1st gen Juliet Plasma with Emerald Iridium
    X-Squared Polished Carbon with Black iridium
    X-Squared X-metal with Gold Iridium RX

    My Updated Collection - 11-1.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 11.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 12.JPG
    Last edited: 10/10/14
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  3. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

    Trophy Points:
    The Third shelf Holds my Grail and Oakley merchandise

    My Updated Collection - 12.JPG
    From the left:
    Mini Display case model from a Rep full of Collectibles
    D-1 Watch
    X-Metal Vault
    GMT Black on Black watch
    Crush Red Skull watch with icon on bottom
    Medusa Speed T-shirt
    Oakley square O T-shirt

    My Updated Collection - 13.JPG

    Mini Display Case: I added shelves and a light

    My Updated Collection - 14.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 14-1.JPG

    Top shelf:
    Still in Package Icon keychain
    Still in Package BOB Head Chrome keychain

    My Updated Collection - 15.JPG

    Second shelf:
    Still in Package BOB Head Chrome keychain
    Small carabiner keychain
    Still in Package Tactical belt clip

    My Updated Collection - 16.JPG

    Third shelf:
    Still in Package Bomb keychain
    Still in package Original Ellipse/Icon keychain
    Still in package Red Ellipse keychain
    Still in package Blue Ellipse keychain

    My Updated Collection - 17.JPG

    Fourth shelf:
    Still in package Silver Ellipse keychain
    Still in package Green Ellipse keychain
    Still in package Black Ellipse keychain
    Still in package Large Silver carabiner keychain

    My Updated Collection - 18.JPG

    Last Shelf:
    Still in Package Icon Claw Carabiner

    My Updated Collection - 19.JPG

    The Center:
    Icon Backpack: Red, White in Kevlar, and Blue
    Titanium Time Bomb watch
    Crush Silver Skull watch
    Icon Sticker USA metallic
    Ellipse red Carabiner keychain
    Ellipse Blue Carabiner keychain

    My Updated Collection - 20.JPG

    The right:
    2 Acrylic Stands:
    In front:
    Skull Belt
    Poker Chip
    Rubber Icon keychain
    Bomb keychain

    My Updated Collection - 21.JPG

    Oakley Mechanism keychain
    Icon Copper Belt Buckle
    Icon Black Belt Buckle
    Small watch hard case
    Ear plug hard case
    Metal Works Switchblade Divot tool
    Metal Works Large Carabiner

    My Updated Collection - 23.JPG

    Second Shelf:
    Oakley Black Belt
    Sandal hanger
    Bike Tire Tool
    Surfboard wax tool X 2
    Surf Tool
    Ellipse keychain X 3
    Large Silver Carabiner

    My Updated Collection - 24.JPG

    Tron Pit Boss
    Tactical keychain and Bottle opener
    Bottle opener
    David Flores Gascan arm
    Skull t-shirt

    My Updated Collection - 25.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 22.JPG
    Last edited: 10/12/14
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  4. Manish

    Manish Oakley Collector

    Trophy Points:
    Very nice Sir!!
    I always loved the carbon jawbones especially....too bad they became rare by the time I came to know they existed.
    Very nice setup...
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  5. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

    Trophy Points:
    Bottom shelf:
    Medusa in bag

    My Updated Collection - 25-1.JPG
    Murasaki Holbrook with Chrome Iridium
    BOB acrylic display head

    My Updated Collection - 25-2.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 26.JPG

    From left and center:
    Still in package original Icon sticker
    Yellow Kevlar organizer
    Yellow Kevlar portfolio
    CD Case
    Bomb Tri Fold wallet
    Leather wallet small
    Large silver Kevlar wallet
    Small silver Kevlar wallet
    Small silver Kevlar portfolio
    Large black Kevlar Wallet
    Small black Kevlar portfolio

    My Updated Collection - 27.JPG

    World wall charger
    Black Kevlar portfolio
    Black Kevlar organizer
    3G Iphone case
    Ipod touch case
    Icon card case
    Leather wallet large
    Leather PDA case

    My Updated Collection - 28.JPG
    Last edited: 10/10/14
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  6. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

    Trophy Points:
    My Single Wide case is only utilizing two shelves for Oakley at the moment.

    The first shelf from the left:
    Fuel Cell Science Matte dark gray with Jade Iridium
    3D Tranformer Gascan
    Todd Francis Eye Patch with Gray

    From the right:
    1st gen M-frame carbon fiber
    1st gen M-frame Black Rain
    Straight Jacket XX Blood Skull
    Vegas hard case
    Science hard case
    Taca pin
    The Hobbit pin
    BOB Polarized Display
    Crush Red Skull without Icon on bottom

    My Updated Collection - 31.JPG

    Second shelf from the left:
    Plate collection

    The right:
    Day at Red: Jim's business card
    Clear M-Frame
    Matte clear Frogskins
    Straight Jacket, Emerald flames with Emerald Iridium
    Olympic Sochi Pin
    Heritage pin
    Heritage guitar pick

    My Updated Collection - 32.JPG

    My Luggage/duffel bags:
    War Wagon
    Large Rolling duffel
    Small Rolling duffel

    My Updated Collection - 33.JPG

    My Bags:
    Tron Backpack
    My Updated Collection - 34.JPG

    My Updated Collection - 35.JPG

    Unfortunately my other bags are trapped in my 5 shelf Oakley case right now, when i move my double wide I will be able to take pictures.

    My Updated Collection - IMG_3285.JPG
    Last edited: 10/11/14
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  7. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

    Trophy Points:
    This is where I store my bags

    My Updated Collection - 1.JPG

    My Oakley Monkey in the Closet

    My Updated Collection - 1-2.JPG

    I showed you what is in the cases, now see what I store in the luggage and duffel bags.

    My Updated Collection - 1-3.JPG

    All Brand new with Tags t-shirts

    My Updated Collection - 2.JPG

    All Brand new with Tags t-shirts, Swim trunks, and shorts except two t's in this picture

    My Updated Collection - 3.JPG

    All Brand new with Tags t-shirts and original Golf towel

    My Updated Collection - 3-1.JPG

    All Brand new with Tags t-shirts except two 1st gen T's

    My Updated Collection - 3-2.JPG
    My Updated Collection - 3-3.JPG

    Viva La Bubba t-shirt

    My Updated Collection - 4.JPG

    All Brand new with Tags t-shirts, sweat pants and Gray hoody

    My Updated Collection - 6.JPG My Updated Collection - 6-1.JPG

    An awesome print done with cross bone and Skulls

    My Updated Collection - 5.JPG

    I left this in the back of my Dodge Durango for 6 month's while on cruise, the sun left it's print

    My Updated Collection - 7.JPG

    All Brand new with Tags t-shirt, Hincapie/Oakley bicycle top and bottom, and London Police hoody

    My Updated Collection - 8.JPG

    Brand new Sneakers and Sandals

    My Updated Collection - 11.JPG

    Winter Skull Jacket
    Last edited: 10/11/14
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  8. TheWannaBe

    TheWannaBe Jannard fan club member #1 Premium Member

    Trophy Points:
    Damn... That's a lot of metal. I have to say I am lovin them copper penny's. Probably my favorite.

    Incredible collection! One day I would be happy to even be half way there :) congratulations on a healthy obsession :)
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  9. love them frogskins

    love them frogskins Oakley Enthusiast

    Trophy Points:
    Man that's an awesome collection
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  10. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

    Trophy Points:
    you must really love "green" bro! awesome collection you have!
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