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  1. tarheel7734

    tarheel7734 Oakley Enthusiast

    Trophy Points:
    Well thought I would show my wishlist that I am putting together for wife. She keeps bugging me about it,
    1. X metal XX
    2. Gen 1 M frame Crystal and blue iridium
    3. gen 1 m frame crystal blue w. blue iridium
    4. gen 2 m frame crystal w/blue
    5. gen 2 M frame crystal blue w/ blue.
    6. IH juliet
    7. Romeo 1.0 x metal
    8. Medussa with goggles
    9. Ott most likely emerald lenses
    10. Penny Copper
    11. Mars x Metal emerald
    12. Sub zero Planet X w/ blue
    13. Sub Zero Planet x w/ + red
    14. Zero .4 Squared cobalt w/ + red
    15. Tightrope Dark w/ ice iridium
    16. Magnesium M frame Denim w/black iridium
    17. Penny x men
    18. Juliet x men
    19 Bob Heads
    20. Cases triple wide or double wide to start
    21. For wife All colors of Teaspoon
    22 Frogskin crystal w/ violet
    Once I fulfill this list I will look at other stuff to add. What do you think of this list? I already have some items not on this list, this is only a wtb wish list.
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  2. JOBEN

    JOBEN Oakley Collector

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    Well you just need about $12,000 and you can have everything on there lol!!
  3. tarheel7734

    tarheel7734 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I know iti s going to be a long process and expensive. Wife wants to collect also but not sure what all she wants. I should just buy out Oakley then I would not have to worry about it and could have anything I want.:dance3:
  4. v2kjokerz

    v2kjokerz Oakley Enthusiast

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    Wow! That's a pretty long expensive list lol. I'll keep an eye out for you brotha. Good luck!
  5. Dyeraudio

    Dyeraudio Juliet Enthusiast

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    I have a Triple Wide available.....:dance3:
  6. tarheel7734

    tarheel7734 Oakley Enthusiast

    Trophy Points:
    Unfortunately that is a bit far down on my list. No place to put it as of yet. The XX is taken care of but I still need blue or purple rubbers for it. The crystal w/ blue m frame is my grail piece and probably wont find one. Seems x metals are easier to find.