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My X-Metal Collection ( Some Are Sold Off )

Jimmy Bergelin

Oakley Beginner
Hia guys and Girls.

Thought i wanted to show some off my X-Metals :)

I had a a few Romeo 1s 10 years ago and i really missed the quality of the X-metals so i bought a pair of pennys
wich i found to be way to small for my big head so i ended up selling them again hehehe.


This is a pair of Romeos that i recently sold on Ebay great glasses but i really found that the juliets and the XX are my passion :)


Also had these X-metal XX but i had to let them go im sorry to say but as i allready have a pair of Juliets/Ruby i found that i couldnt justify another pair in the same Color combo
And i wanted the 24K and the Ti02s really bad hehe


This is my X-metal Juliets and as you can see there are a pair of X-men Sideblinders also hehe not to wear but they make a great displaypiece
as im a huge X-men fan. These are acctually at oakleys for a tuneup as they were abit loose :)


Last but not least i took some pictures of the X-metals that i have atm i really need to get a stand as they look so much better when you guys display them.

The polished Juliets i bought this summer and replaced the lenses with oalkey rubys and red rubbers but i think i will put the blue lenses back in again.

The X-Squared Ducatis is a favorite of mine much to my suprise as i really didnt like the look of them in the begining :)

The X-Metal XX 24K and the Ti02 i just recived this week and IMHO they are stunningly beutiful :)






My wife has promissed to kill me if i get another pair hehe so i dont know if there will be more in the close future :)

thx for looking :)
Nice collection of metals...

@ Razerwire....Did you see he had the X Squared up there too.....( I just had too)