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Discussion in 'Recent X-Metal Purchases' started by Jestered, 3/3/16.

  1. Jestered

    Jestered Premium Member

    It's been a while since I've posted, and I finished my XS IH a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I'd post them up.

    Obvisously a plasma XS frame with VI lenses and purple LG rubber. The lenses are absolutely stunning (first time I've seen these in person)!

    Shout out to @Chris A Hardaway for the lenses and the custom cut!
    Shout out to @EdsJunk for another great custom lens engraving!

    I might actually be allowed to post in the collections section before too long!

    Here they are:

    My XS Infinite Hero - IMG_3386.jpg

    My XS Infinite Hero - IMG_3387.jpg

    My XS Infinite Hero - IMG_3388.jpg

    With the Duc's and my XS Ichiro's:

    My XS Infinite Hero - IMG_3389.jpg

    And finally, the XS family all together:

    My XS Infinite Hero - IMG_3390.jpg
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    OMG...beauties. Need this pair
    Jestered likes this.

  3. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Congrats!!!! :drinks:
    Jestered likes this.

  4. Slojack

    Slojack Premium Member

    Now wear them out to something. Anything.
    Jestered likes this.

  5. iamFLIP



    I was planning to do something like that. Now, I definitely want to do it.

  6. mercat


    O-some XS collection!:cool-20:
    Jestered likes this.

  7. supersharp

    supersharp Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Very Sweet.
    Jestered likes this.

  8. Chris A Hardaway

    Chris A Hardaway Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Jestered likes this.

  9. Vman41


    Awesome collection!
    Jestered likes this.

  10. Jestered

    Jestered Premium Member

    Thanks all!
    Chris A Hardaway likes this.

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