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Need An Honest Opinion On This Wedding Gift Idea


Oakley Expert
So I'm getting married on may 5 in Cancun at an all inclusive resort (cinco de mayo haaha).

It's a "come if you can, and if not we totally understand" type of thing because you cant really expect a lot of people to spend a grand to come to a wedding. I'm having my best man and another close friend and she's having 2 of her friends in the wedding. We're helping to pay some of their expenses since we are kind of making them come.

Everyone is cool and excited and I was on the fence about what to give as wedding gifts. Usually it's a mug or something else dumb that is engraved and you'll never really use again. Both of my friends are Oakley fans, maybe 2 pair a piece. But I thought it would be awesome to get some custom frames and get etching on the lenses for them.

I didn't know if I should go with their initials and the date, or just their initials or what. Open to suggestions for other gifts, which frames to use, what engraving to get anything. Just thought I'd throw it out there and maybe you guys could help me figure something out by January so I can get to ordering what I need to.

Wedding will either be on this "deck" overlooking the ocean or on the beach. We're not sure yet
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wow, firstly congrats on the wedding! secondly if i were the recipient, i'd prefer just initials or even a nickname
@rustpot I was thinking wire too, but leaning towards plaintiff. Kind of an 80's coke dealer look

@mugen thanks man. And yeah maybe just their name... Who knows
LOL may 5 is my 28th birthday next year :p
congratulations on your wedding, looks amazing the place you will be having it.

i agree, crosshair 2.0's are perfect for this occasion. Or, maybe even the new Blender?
congrats to that step thatoakleyguy . . . all the best for you and your girl!!!
hope you are not to stressed! i would say some wire for sure but maybe different models for both?
i would choose for the etching the 1st letter form your name and the bride plus the date 05/04/12.
and a extra set lenses for your buddies (favorite colorway!)
I would just do name. It's a gift to them. You wouldn't want to advertise a date on a pair of glasses you'd want them to wear all the time. That date is significant to you and your bride to be. Not your friends.

Congrats! No more Oakleys after you're married :lol: What's yours is hers and what's hers is hers :smile:
that's why a second set lenses for the dudes in the preffered colorway.... :eek:))
But that would be a waste of a perfectly good pair of lenses. I can see that set of etched lenses used once and they'll never see the light of day. At least with their own names/initials, they could still wear it out.
Congrats, I think that is an awesome idea, especially since you are in Mexico! I agree with what everyone said and think Wire frames are the best way to go. I think the idea of having the date is cool, but I agree that they probably won't get much use because it isn't as significant to them as you. However if they have their names or initials or something like that, they will wear them often, and think about the wedding whenever they are wearing them.