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  1. teo1712

    teo1712 Oakley Beginner

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    Dear friends
    Just bought a Radar Path and regret it.
    Actually I love how it 'sit' on my face and how the lens cover my eyes.After 10 minutes,I can feel pain/discomfort right behind my ears.Looks like end of the ear socks pressed again my head (maybe artery or nerve?) too tight because when I took it off,I feel 'pulsation' around the area that were pain/discomfort.
    Now I'm consedering Half Jacket, Flak Jacket and Flak 2.0, which one will solve my problem?

    When I bought the Radar, the sales person showed me EVZero Path Olyimpic Rio 2016 Green Fade and I hooked!!! Its so cool especially the lens.He told me it will sell only on the day of Olympic Opening all over the world although they have stock on hand now.Since its limited edition, they only got allocation of 3 pcs from Oakley HQ so If I want it I need to put deposit and the EVZero it self will cost US$280.
    Is it true what he told me and how about the price? I can see a lot of price different from normal EVZero. Can I get it from 'free market'(ebay..maybe) with better price?

    Thinking to customize Oakley but not willing to pay premium price.Any advice?
    Sorry for my 'bad English' because English is not my mother tongue.
    Best rdgs
    Last edited: 7/11/16
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