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  1. Fun's Way

    Fun's Way Oakley Beginner

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    NEED HELP! Can anyone in US bid this ROMEO I for me?!

    Saw this ROMEO I on E-Bey. This kind of frame is what i'm looking for: Later Edition ROMEO I with a smooth finish and better hand work than the early ones.


    The problem is the seller doesn't ship to CHINA...and the BID ends in 3 days so I need someone to do me this favor.

    If someone here can do this for me please let me know. I'll open a deal thread and pay some money prior to U via PayPal to take the order. when U finish, let me know how much U spent totally (I'll let U know my final price for this) + shipping expense to Shanghai.CHINA. I'll pay the rest.

    I'm a new guys here, Thank U everyone!
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