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Need help picking new glasses

Fuel cell between those 2 choices. Do you want a sport frame though? Half Jacket 2.0 is noticeably tighter than my Flak Jacket XLJ.

I can also get a few other pairs for a good deal but I would like some input from this forum.

I can get Holbrooks, Frogskins, straight jacket 2.0, Silver and Fives Squared.

Would any of those be better then what I am looking for with my bigger face?

I think I have a bigger face and I just got the Flak 2.0. I have to say they feel a little better after wearing them for a while. The fuel cells tend to feel tighter behind my ears after wearing them for longer periods of time. I think part of it is the rubber on the arms makes the fit seem better for the Flak 2.0. Just my 02 cents :)