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Need Information About Ebay Sellers

Bonank Kh

Oakley Beginner
Hi there...,

I really need information about these sellers on ebay
Seller #1
Seller #2

since I'm planning to purchase Oakley Sunnies from both of them, but my experience in ebay is limited, I mean judging on their feedbacks, scores etc, are they selling genuine Oakley Sunnies ??

Hopefully one of you has ever done bussiness with one or both of them, therefore you can inform me about their Oakley Sunnies authenticity.

Thank you, and pardon for my English.
I have never bought from either of them, but that doesn't necessarilly mean they dont have authentic items or take care of their buyers. If there is a specifc pair you want, I buy from regular sellers who I have had much luck with.

Do an indepth review of what they have sold, who is buying it, negative feedback comments, etc. Do a quick summary of the buyer too. Make sure its not a fake account used to promote seller. These are easy to find, look for low feedback, numerous purchases from seller for low amounts. shcill bids etc. If seller does al .99 auctions, its a toss up and a feeding frenz at that point. Look for the tell tale signs of fakes in the pix. And always use Paypal to protect yourself.
Thx a lot for your enlightenment ! n do you mind sharing your regular ebay sellers who you have had much luck with. (PM would be OK)
Lotus Beauty Shop is legit. Bought from them a month or so ago. Got a pair of Fuel Cell's from them, BNIB. As for the second link, I've never bothered with him because he is located in Puerto Rico I guess? Seems legit though.

Edit: Here's a guy that I buy from a lot. Hugely discounted, and 100% authentic. I bought a ton of Wireframes off of him for my parents and a buddy of mine, along with a few for myself including Nanowire's, Square Wires and Whiskers. What's also really nice, is that he sometimes posts a free gift pair of polarized lenses along with his auctions. If you need to make a return within the 7 or 14 days, you can actually keep the gift. Just a thought. Great communication too and fast shipping. I'm sure if you search through his feedback you'll see my name.

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